Monday, 2 August 2010


I just feel the need to document that I have started running seriously. I have never been sporty- the last child to be picked for sports at school- and until last week had never run a complete mile. However, I am now feeling driven to run, and my first 'proper' race is a 10k run on 5th September. I highly doubt I will run it all, but I intend to give it a bloody good try!

July 2010 reads

Tipping the Velvet- Sarah Waters (started in June)
1000 songs to change your life (time out)- Various
Thrifty ways for Modern Days- Martin Lewis
The Accidental Marathon- Lucy Hawkins
My Cousin Rachel- Daphne du Maurier
The Three most important lessons you were never taught- Martin Lewis
The Money Diet- Martin Lewis
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit-Judith Kerr
Absolute Beginners Guide to Half Marathon training-Heather Hedrick