Monday, 12 April 2010

March reads (and the journey of a book)

Chicken Soup for every Moms Soul- Various

The Baby Diaries- Tess Daly

Noah's Compass- Anne Tyler- unfinished as it had to go back to the library! Will get it out again though as quite liked what I had read.

Rebecca- Daphne du Maurier- my best read of the month!

Rebecca was for my book group, and I absolutely loved it, it is a book that I am going to keep and there aren't many of those these days. I have had this book for a good few years just waiting to be read and one of the things I love about it is its journey. My friend Sarah passed it on to me, and she in turn got it from our friend Mark- so I know at least two other people who read the exact same copy as me-Do you remember where you got it from Sparks?!. At some point it has come from a charity shop, and it has a label on the back with the price. As much as I love new books, I love knowing that I am reading a book that others have read, it feels like it has lived.


  1. I love the tv adaptions of Rebbeca, may have to read it now lol

  2. you mean me because I don't recall giving this to sarah?!? Maybe you know another Sparks and this has nothing to do with me or maybe the alzheimers has set in or maybe I am not even reading the right Blog and was really looking for one on transexual trout fishing! 9and are the fish transexual or the anglers...the mind boggles!!)

    I will shut up npw because I have been up since 6 on a breakfast shift and it is now midnight and am probably definetly rambling....


  3. Iam convinced Sarah said it came from you Mark, when you were having your 'boy book/girl book debates ' (admittedly about 4 years ago!)

  4. maybe you are right then..... it is true I am a bit forgetful! rofl And there is no such thing as girl/boy books as I have scientifically proven by reading and enjoying Sophie Kinsella lol!