Friday, 18 June 2010


I can't bloody well stop sneezing and it is so annoying. I sound like a mixture between a piglet snuffling, a vuvuzela and a hysterical woman. GO AWAY HAYFEVER!

I have been very uncrafty lately, need to start thinking about any Christmas projects that need doing. Hmmmm. And the debate about whether to invest in a sewing machine rages on. I really would like one and the idea of being a domestic goddess is appealing, but the reality is always different isn't it? Would I really use it much?

Reading wise, I will do a seperate post and update about books, book group and that sort of thing. I have also been toying with the idea of trying to write a book recently. A friend has just completed her first one for Mills and Boon and is cracking on with the second, and whilst I am not sure I have enough romance or raunch to do that, I would like to try and write a novel at some point in my life. Surely all the reading I have done would help. Or maybe it would hinder, as I expect anything I wrote would be something I have previously read and buried somewhere in teh depths of my mind.

What else....well, I am getting quite into vintage clothes. The only issue is sizing, and I am no skinny minnie and a lot of the clothes I like are too small, and it isn't like shopping in a mainstream shop where you can just get the next size up! Hopefully tomorrow I can get to one of the vintage shops and find some bargains. Got some cool sunglasses last week for a fiver that I really love. Hubby says I was robbed! But I think they are fabulous.


  1. I've started writing recently why dont you try a creative writing course?

  2. Sounds great, i've often dreamed about writting a book, but like you, worry that i would just copy someone else..eek imagine the lawsuit haha! i aquired mum's old sewing machine last year and i used it lots for xmas pressie's but now i'm busy working, (it being ice cream weather) it's been packed away for a while. Love the fact i can mend my own clothes though...definately get one..
    As for the Vintage clothes oooo i love them :)