Wednesday, 2 June 2010

May 2010 books

Georgy Girl- Margaret Forster
I nearly gave up on this one, but it got a bit more interesting so I persevered. Interesting take on what makes a relationship work, and I always enjoy books that are set in or were written in 50s/60s. I see that it has been made in to a film so I might check that out some time.

Ugly Shy Girl-
Very short, modern take on being an outsider. Cried at one part as it was too close to home. The end got a bit ridiculous though.

The Jane Austen Book Club -Karen Joy Fowler
I did enjoy this book, it was about the book club but moreso about the people that were there, and each chapter had a focus on a particular character. Not sure how it worked a a film- anyone seen it? Might check it out if it is on Sky anytime soon.

The Tower Room- Adele Geras
Quite enjoyed this short teen read based on the story of Rapunzel. I liked the three girls in the story, Bella, Megan and Alice and it made me quite nostalgic about my own young friendships. A bit I loved was how you can talk about anything in the dark- made me think of late nights at sleepovers!

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