Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Non book stuff- the boy, Ashes to Ashes, London, Homesickness

Well, firstly it is half term :) I am loving being at home with my little man, but he is such hard work and definitely in a destructive phase. It is exhausting just watching him! He really is a bundle of energy and he needs less sleep than me which is leaving me feeling more and more zombiefied. He does counteract that by being great fun though and some of the things he says has me in stitches. He calls spaghetti 'forgetti'! And he says 'it's too big' about anything that he is unsure about- slides which are bigger than he is used to, Big Ben, giraffes....

We were in London over the weekend which was a lot of fun, but again hard work. We got to see a lot of the tourist sights and also went to some of the Ashes to Ashes locations. St Dunstans in the East (where Alex was shot by Gene in 2.8) is absolutely beautiful. I can imagine it is a bit creepy on your own, as the light is blocked out by lots of high walls, but it really is a stunning place away from the hubbub of the city. I don't think I could live in London, but I would love the anonimity of being there, and how anything goes.

Speaking of living places, I am getting really homesick again...I just feel really alone. I don't really have people that I can just 'hang about' with here, and it is hard.

I have no motivation for anything at the minute.

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