Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Correspondence with Jack Sheffield

My message.....


Having just read 'Teacher, Teacher', I felt that I needed to write to you to let you know the impact that it has had on me.

I am a nursery nurse at a reasonably large inner city school in Sheffield, and work in the nursery with 3-4 year olds. I have been feeling rather flat lately, I have been in the same role for coming on five years, and although I enjoy parts of my job (working with parents and building up links with the families, phonics-thankfully I don't have to do numeracy as we work on a team based teaching!, the amazing things teh kids say) I feel like things have gone somewhat stale.

Reading your book has reminded me that working with children is such an honour-people are entrusting us to educate, shape and mould their child. I think I needed that kick to remind myself of that.

Unfortunately, I don't go back until 7th September-ridiculously long summer this time- so I only hope that your words will stay with me until then.

Thank you for helping me see that it is hard work but worth it.


And the reply....

Hello Kate,
Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed Teacher, Teacher! and that it had such an impact on you.
You may be interested to know that the follow-up novels, Mister Teacher and Dear Teacher, are curently in Waterstone's and that early next year the fourth in the series, Village Teacher, will be published.
If you have time to write a brief review on either the Waterstone's or Amazon websites this will help to spread the word of my novels. Either way, I am grateful to you for supporting my writing.
I note you work in a Sheffield school - I've just been invited to take part in the Sheffield Off the Shelf Literary Festival at Crystal Peaks Library on the afternoon of 20th October.
Enjoy your well-earned holiday and very best of luck in your teaching. I hope your career proves as rewarding as mine turned out to be - from your comments, I'm sure it will.
Best wishes and happy reading,
Jack Sheffield

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