Sunday, 2 August 2009

Looking for Enid- Duncan McLaren

I finished this today, and it was an interesting selection of theories, but my word, the man is a bit strange in his overboard fanaticism! This book was based on fact (mainly from the Barbara Stoney autobiography, which I have read previously but now want to reread!), and hypotheses from the authors (overactive?) imagination. I am not poo-pooing it, but it seemed like a lot of speculation, some of which I agreed with and some which I thought 'how on earth did you get that idea?!

I guess my next book will be The Birthing House by Christopher Ransom as it needs to go back to the library on Friday. Lots of people I know have read it and it has had quite a lot of negative reviews to be honest, so I am not sure what I will think of it. Guess there is only one way to find out!

I also cracked and ordered some books off Amazon, I am considering applying to do a midwifery qualification and so ordered some different books that are memoirs of midwives both in the Uk and America- we will see if it inspires me!

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  1. You ought to upload a visual bookshelf to your Blog like I have recently...saw this on someone elses Blog and thought it a good idea! The link to the widget I use, that is fully compatible with your Blogger page, is :

    It allows you to show, on your Blog, what you are reading, have read or want to read just like visual bookshelf on facebook! What a neat idea....lovin' the Blog by the way as I am so nosy regarding what others are reading! :)