Saturday, 1 August 2009

One Red Paperclip-Kyle McDonald

I have just finished One Red Paperclip by Kyle McDonald, the true story of the man who traded a paperclip for a house. OK, it took 14 swaps, not just one (that would be ridiculous), but it was a novel read, didn't take much concentration and had me giggling out load in parts. I guess I will be putting my copy on bookmooch at some point soon, when I actually get around to it.

By the way, I am still reading Round Ireland with a Fridge at bedtime, but have also started a book about Enid Blyton, it is by Duncan someone or other, and is slightly strange. The man is truly obsessive!

I saw a book today that I am now lusting after, I cant remember who it is by, but it is called Love, Aubrey and looks like an interesting one. Me thinks it might go on the birthday wishlist.....

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