Friday, 14 August 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife-Audrey Niffenegger

Have just finished this in anticipation of going to see the film at some point soon (it is released today).

Whilst it was not a 'perfect' book for me, it was definitely one that tugged on the heart strings. If you haven't read it and you plan to-DON'T READ ANY FURTHER!

I found the scene where he was in the Art Institute with Alba totally heartbreaking-what I wouldn't give for just one memorable moment with my own Dad,and if i got to give him that hug, no teacher would dare to try and stop me. Funnily enough, I worked out that Alba would have been 5 years and 3 months when Henry died-only one month different to how old I was when my own Dad died. Although of course she has the pleasure of spending time with him even after his death, albeit, in an abnormal way.

The love story between Henry and Clare could have been a bit weird in that he goes back and sees her from when she is 6 years old, but thinking about it, I would love to go and meet my husband at 6 years old and see how different he was then!

The miscarriages and Clare's longing for a baby are also a painful read, despite knowing from comments about how Clare is 'plump in 2001' that she will eventually have her much longed for baby.

Henry's death is also difficult to read-first mentioned from Clare's perspective when she realises it is a 'bad day', then from Henry's when he 'knows how it happens', and finally as it actually happens.

The end of the book makes me just want to cling on to my beautiful husband and child and never let them go-if only we all knew we would get just a moment longer.

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